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Let Orange County Pain Clinics help relieve your chronic pain.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, you are likely at the end of your rope. Unlike acute pain, which is temporary and caused by an illness or injury that will heal, chronic pain has no end in sight. Whether your pain is centrally located or in many areas, or is stabbing, burning, aching, or comes and goes, dealing with it for the long term will leave you feeling fatigued and frustrated.

  • Orange County Pain Clinics is a chronic pain clinic.
  • Our pain management specialists are experienced in the latest techniques that are both minimally invasive and long lasting.

What conditions are treated at Orange County Pain Clinics?

At our chronic pain clinic, we see patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions. Some of them are easy to understand, like injuries obtained from sports or from other types of trauma, like accidents or falls. Other types of pain can be hard to pinpoint. If you come in to our facility with pain in your head, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, hips, or in other areas, it might take some work to try and figure out what is causing your pain. For example, pain in your head can be caused by inflamed cervical facet joints or by tension headaches. Back pain can be caused by herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or osteoarthritis, while leg pain can be caused by diabetic neuropathy or complex regional pain syndrome. Since there are so many different possibilities and conditions that can contribute to pain, a thorough consultation will be necessary.


Our chronic pain clinic offers microsurgeries as a type of pain management. These procedures are not minimally invasive, unlike typical surgeries performed elsewhere. We avoid large incisions and large chunks of recovery time by using fiber optic cameras and other methods in order to provide you with a fix that doesn’t involve a lot of recovery time. For a lot of our microsurgeries, we use the METRx system. This system is a combination of tubes and dilators that allow us to move back muscle tissue gradually without making cuts. If a microsurgical procedure is the most effective option for you, your pain management physician will talk with you about your options.



For pain management that is quick and relatively simple, Orange County Pain Clinics offers injections such as epidurals, radiofrequency ablation, trigger point injections, facet blocks, nerve root blocks, and more. Many of these injections work by preventing pain signals from reaching your brain and can be effective beginning immediately due to the anesthetic used. After a few hours, the rest of the injection’s medication will take over to provide pain relief.

Although you might feel sore at the area of your injection, you are not likely to experience any side effects. Instead, you will be able to return to normal activities with less pain than before. Pain management injections can be used on nearly every area of the body and for a lot of different pain conditions. Your pain management physician at our chronic pain clinic can help you determine if a type of injection is best for you after learning more about the type of pain that you suffer from.

Other Treatments

Not all of the treatments offered at our chronic pain clinic are related to injections or microsurgeries. Some patients might benefit most from the insertion of an intrathecal pump, which uses a catheter to deliver pain relief directly to the area of pain consistently. We also utilize techniques like cryoanalgesia, which uses cold gas to numb areas experiencing pain. Our other methods include diagnostic procedures that seek to pinpoint issues and offer pain relief all at once.

To help us determine the best way to help you manage your pain, contact our Orange County pain clinic to set up a consultation. You will be able to tell your doctor about the type of pain that you experiencing, when it began, and which activities make it worse – along with any other symptoms you might be experiencing. With a complete picture of the pain you experience, your doctor will be able to put together a complete pain management plan that helps you return to work or to other activities that you find impossible or difficult with your pain.

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