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Relieve pain with the DRX9000 machine.

At our center, we utilize Axiom Worldwide’s DRX9000 machine. DRX stands for Decompression Reduction Extraction, and this approach has been helping patients experience relief from spinal pain with a non-invasive method. By selecting the DRX9000, we are providing out patients with access to spinal decompression therapy with a machine that is the best on the market.

  • Through this approach, patients have experienced relief from degenerative disc disease, sciatica, herniated discs, and more.
  • By taking advantage of DRX9000, many patients have found that they do not need to take medications or undergo surgery for their back pain

What to Expect

Each DRX9000 session lasts about 25 to 30 minutes (for the active therapy), and then the patient continues the session for 10 more minutes of muscle stimulation.

Your doctor will recommend the frequency and number of sessions that are best for your source of back pain. For many patients, there are a total of 20 sessions. The frequency begins at five days a week before dropping down to three days a week, followed by two days a week.

DRX9000 is a specialized computer system that features a comfortable table for the patient. Rollers in the table are controlled by the system. These rollers work by pulling and releasing along your spine, placing pressure in precise areas to decompress the spinal column. This reduces pressure within your discs and results in a vacuum being created, which relieves the pressure on your nearby nerves.

As the session continues, the DRX9000 spinal decompression system may automatically adjust the traction levels based on your body’s responses. The goal is to relax your body so that it is receptive to the treatment.


The results that you can expect to see depend on a few factors, such as the frequency of your appointments, whether you stay consistent with the therapy, and what your specific injury or condition is. For most patients, results are noticed after a few sessions. Depending on the timing of your spinal decompression treatments, this could be around two weeks after starting DRX9000 therapy.

Why DRX9000?

DRX9000 is an alternative to other treatment methods, such as surgery. Unlike with surgery, DRX9000 carries no risks. This makes it an appealing choice for many patients who are unable to take chances with invasive procedures. Not all patients find relief from spinal decompression therapy, but the majority of patients find that they do notice a positive difference.

DRX9000 is not painful. In fact, many patients find that the spinal decompression therapy is comfortable and enjoyable.