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Spinal Injuries

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If you suffer with Spinal Injuries, let Orange County Pain Clinics help.

Your spine can become injured following trauma to your back, neck, or head. Arthritis can cause the spine to become so fragile that a minor injury can have severe effects. Examples of a spinal injury include:

  • Landing on your back during a fall
  • Experiencing a diving accident where you land on your head.

What are the symptoms of spinal injuries?

Spinal injuries can cause weakness, numbness, and tingling down one or more of your limbs. They can also make it difficult to walk and result in headaches and neck pain. The pain caused by a spinal injury can be temporary or chronic. A sudden spinal injury can also result in other pain conditions, like a herniated disc (characterized by cracks in the disc that cause the disc’s center to squeeze out) or facet syndrome, which is the breakdown of cartilage between joints in your spine.

How are spinal injuries treated?

One way to treat spinal injuries is nerve stimulation, which blocks pain signals sent to the brain in certain areas. An intrathecal pump, which delivers medication right to the spinal cord and nerves, can also be placed for pain relief.