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Relieve chronic pain with METRx.

At Orange County Pain Clinics, we utilize the METRx system for minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Used for operating on the lumbar or cervical spine, the METRx is a system of dilators and tubes that are used during many types of surgical procedures, such as the removal of disc herniated material.


Traditional vs. minimally invasive surgery

Traditional open spinal surgery involves a large incision that cuts directly through muscle fibers. Minimally invasive surgery uses a small incision and image-guided technology to allow the surgeon to view the damage and operate. Muscle fibers are gently spread rather than cut. As a result, the surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis and there is less pain afterward. There is also a faster recovery time.

How does it work?

With the METRx system, your surgeon will make a small incision over the vertebrae and insert the dilators gradually in order to separate the muscle fibers and make room for the surgery to take place. The system’s retractor holds open the area so that the surgical tools and instruments can be used in order to successfully complete the minimally invasive surgery.