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ArthroStim Procedure

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The ArthroStim procedure uses a handheld instrument to perform adjustments.

Many patients experiencing acute or chronic pain, especially anything related to the spine, benefit from massage therapy or other treatments that primarily involve hand manipulations. However, there are times when the strategic, manual application of pressure isn’t enough to sufficiently ease muscle tension or restore the body’s natural balance.
For instances like this, instrument-based techniques like the ArthroStim procedure may provide welcome relief.

What Is the ArthroStim Procedure?

The ArthroStim procedure rapidly delivers about a dozen or so thrusts per second to the affected area. This is much faster than what can be done with normal hand manipulations. The force that’s applied is done so in a way that’s more comfortable for the patient because it’s done so quickly.

How Does It Work?

ArthroStim is a type of chiropractic adjustment that works by stimulating nerve or neural receptors. These receptors are responsible for sending nerve signals to the brain. This nerve information is then interpreted by the brain to produce awareness of what’s going on in the affected area.

The stimulation from the ArthroStim tool alters nerve impulses sent to the brain, which creates a more productive healing environment in the body. By rapidly delivering thrusts, the ArthroStim instrument basically “assaults” nerve receptors with a rapid influx of new signals to correct issues affecting the nervous and muscular system.


Who May Benefit from the ArthroStim Procedure?

Treatments with the ArthroStim tool can be customized to meet specific patient needs and preferred comfort levels with the forces applied. Because of this flexibility, the procedure can be safely performed on patients of all ages, including infants, younger children, teens, and older adults, experiencing a variety of conditions and ailments following an initial evaluation.

The procedure may also be right for patients not preferring to manipulations involving “cracking” or ones where deeper thrusts are performed. However, techniques involving force applied to the spine aren’t the best option for everyone. For instance, individuals with osteoporosis or pain related to spinal fractures may benefit more from gentler manipulations or other pain management methods not involving the use of tools or hand trusts.

Possible Benefits for Patients

The procedure is performed in a way that allows the pressure exerted with the ArthroStim tool to be gradually reduced as improvements are made with each session. This means patients can still enjoy the benefits from nerve receptor stimulation in a way that maintains comfort as the affected area naturally heals. Patients responding well to the technique may also experience or benefit from:

  • Increased mobility and range of motion
  • Less reliance on pain medications
  • Relaxation of tight muscles
  • An improved ability to perform daily tasks

Depending on the nature and source of the symptoms experienced, the ArthroStim procedure may be the main source of pain management for injuries or conditions affecting soft tissues or joints. Other times, it’s more effective when used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that involves exercise, avoidance of likely pain triggers, changes to diet habits, and the use of heat and ice applications to control inflammation and improve circulation.