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We are the premier Orange County pain center.

Orange County Pain Clinics provides patients with minimally invasive pain techniques.

Rather than try to cover up the pain or attempt drastic surgeries that may or may not be effective, we offer options such as:


Whether your pain is acute and temporary following an injury, or chronic and long lasting due to an underlying condition, we are prepared to use up to date technologies and methods in order to find the source of your pain in the most accurate way possible. From there, we will be able to establish a pain management plan that doesn’t just work to suppress your pain momentarily, but instead will provide long lasting relief and get you back to a life without pain or complications.


The conditions that we treat at our Orange County pain center encompass a wide variety of possible symptoms and causes. We have minimally invasive treatments available that can target any pain felt in your back, neck, arms, legs, hips, shoulders, head, and other areas. Sometimes, these sources of pain are easy to identify and are the result of common causes, like herniated discs, arthritis, or sports injuries. Other times, more generalized conditions like fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome, and diabetic neuropathy can cause pain in several different areas of the body. We even treat more specific types of pain and conditions, like pain after a mastectomy, pain that is experienced from cancerous tumors or cancer treatment, or pain in phantom limbs.



One of the most effective methods that we use for treating pain is through microsurgical procedures. At our Orange County pain center, our focus is on minimally invasive surgical methods that don’t involve big incisions or drastic cuts through your muscle fibers. Instead, we use small incisions, fiber optic cameras, and other surgical tools that allow us to perform pain relief procedures by disturbing you as little as possible. As a result, you can enjoy a quicker recovery time and less associated pain than you would receive with traditional surgery. Some of our microsurgical procedures include minimally invasive fusion and percutaneous disc decompression.


Injections are another method of pain relief that we offer at our Orange County pain center for a wide variety of pain types and painful conditions. They provide relief that is almost instant because of the anesthesia involved, and then continue to provide extended pain relief as the other medications in the injection – like corticosteroids – start to take effect. This allows you to resume normal activities quickly, but might require periodic injections to keep working. Injections are used for targeting pain in specific areas. Some of the injections that we offer include trigger point injections, which relax muscles and muscle knots; lumbar sympathetic blocks, which block the nerves on either side of your spine from sending along pain information; and facet joint blocks, which use anti-inflammatory medication to block pain in your facet joints.


Other Treatments

Not all of our treatments are related to microsurgeries and pain relief injections, although we do strive to avoid invasive surgical techniques when possible. The physicians at our Orange County pain clinic might start with diagnostic procedures in order to figure out which method of pain relief will be most helpful. Discography is just one method of diagnostic treatment, and it involves injecting a liquid contrast into your spinal cord discs and then using x-ray imaging to determine whether the disc is healthy or damaged. You might also benefit from spinal cord stimulation, a technique that delivers electrical impulses to the spinal cord, but our medical professionals might want to do a trial with you first. Other types of treatments include the insertion of an intrathecal pump, which delivers a pain medication consistently to the area that needs it the most through the use of an inserted catheter.

With so many different causes of pain and such a wide variety of minimally invasive pain relief options, we can help match you up with the best option after meeting with you for a consultation. We will ask you questions to learn more about your pain’s intensity (throbbing, burning, dull, achy), when it started, and how often you experience it before we begin diagnostic measures. At Orange County Pain Clinics, our goal is to get you back to resuming normal activities and enjoying a pain free lifestyle as soon as possible.

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