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Let Orange County Pain Clinics help relieve your chronic pain.

Do you suffer from chronic pain in your back, neck, hip, or all over your body? Perhaps you have already visited a doctor to try and pinpoint the source of your pain and discover the best way to find pain relief. You might have already even had a surgical procedure that actually left you with more pain than before, or even pain in a new area.

At our Orange County Pain Clinic, we believe that pain relief shouldn’t be so complicated or involve so much recovery time. As a result, our techniques often start with a nerve or facet block that will determine the source of your pain. From there, we will establish a pain management plan that might include pain relief injections that provide long term comfort or minimally invasive microsurgeries that correct problems without the side effects of a major surgery.


What conditions does OCPC treat?

No matter what type of pain you are experiencing, there’s a good chance that we will be able to help you at Orange County Pain Clinics. Because different conditions can cause varying types of pain all over the body – and since every individual responds to pain in a slightly different way – it’s important that we know how to treat pain in the legs, back, head, arms, hips, and more. This pain can be caused by specific conditions that affect focused areas, like degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and post-mastectomy pain, or they can be general conditions that can cause pain all over, like fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, cancer pain, and complex regional pain syndrome. It’s likely that we will have to take a look at your symptoms and ask several questions in order to narrow down what kind of condition is causing your pain. Once we have a better idea, we can begin to treat it with our noninvasive methods at our Orange County pain clinic. At our facility, we strive to fully understand your pain in order to offer the best possible treatment.



There are some types of pain and certain conditions that respond well to pain relief injections, which can be a quick and reliable method of treatment. They can be used for pain that you might experience in your arms, legs, back, abdomen, neck, head, and shoulders. Most injections use anesthesia and corticosteroids to block pain signals in your nerves so that your brain doesn’t recognize the pain, or to deliver relief directly to your joints. Some of the injections that we offer at our Orange County pain clinic include epidurals (which differ from the epidurals given during childbirth), facet blocks, nerve root blocks, trigger point injections, and lumbar sympathetic blocks. These injections may need to be repeated periodically in order to keep pain from returning as strongly as before.


At our Orange County pain clinic, we avoid invasive surgical procedures that leave you in more pain and with longer recovery times. Instead, our doctors are experienced in performing microsurgeries with minimally invasive techniques. Our microsurgeries include procedures like minimally invasive spinal fusion, which uses small incisions and a fiber optic camera to fuse two vertebrae together and stabilize the spine. We also use the METRx system for many of our procedures, which uses special dilators and tubes to gradually spread muscle fibers in order to perform spinal surgeries. This allows us to avoid cutting muscle fibers directly.


Our Treatments

Depending on the location and cause of your pain, we might use other treatments at our Orange County pain clinic that don’t necessarily fall into the category of injections or microsurgeries. For example, a spinal stimulation lead can be placed into your spine so that electrical impulses can be sent your spinal cord and block pain signals. A trial stimulator is used first to make sure that the method will be effective. Additionally, the cryoanalgesia method can be used to deliver cold gas that will numb nerves that cause pain. In some cases, your pain might require you to use an intrathecal pump, which delivers a consistent flow of pain medication to the areas you need it most.

Regardless of the pain you are experiencing, we encourage you to come to our office for a consultation. Our goal is on treating the whole patient, and not just the pain. That means that we will make sure that the method for pain relief that we recommend is one that will work best for you and your overall health, and will get you living a pain free lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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