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Let Orange County Pain Clinics help relieve your chronic pain.

At Orange County Pain Clinics, our primary focus is on relieving your temporary or chronic pain by using up to date minimally invasive and long term methods.

Our pain management doctors in Orange County are experienced in the latest technologies and procedures that are considered to be more effective and carry fewer risks than some pain medications or invasive surgical procedures.



Our pain management doctors in Orange County provide microsurgical procedures that have several benefits over typical invasive procedures. Although microsurgeries are just as effective and can provide pain relief, they allow for shorter recovery times and less pain during the recovery period. Invasive surgical procedures often involve large incisions, but our microsurgeries rely on small incisions and fiber optic cameras, among other techniques, to get the job done. We might use microsurgery as an option to help you experience pain relief from back pain by performing a spinal fusion or a surgical disc decompression. Regardless of the type of treatment you need, you can rely on our pain management physicians to help you determine the best option.


Microsurgeries are not always a necessity for patients who come to our pain management center. Many individuals find pain relief from receiving injections that start working quickly. Although there is some soreness and irritation at the injection site for some patients, most experience no side effects and instead enjoy the chance to return to work or other activities rapidly.

Injections can be used in most areas of the body, including the arms, legs, hips, shoulders, head, neck, and back. And while each injection type serves a different purpose, many of them essentially block pain signals so that your brain never receives them along the nerve pathway. Other injections, such as trigger point injections, work by relaxing muscle knots in the body. Conditions like lower back pain, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease can be remedied with an epidural, which delivers anti-inflammatory medication to the spine’s epidural space for concentrated relief. Our pain management doctors in Orange County can help determine which type of injection will work best.


Other Treatments

Other treatment options include cryoanalgesia, which uses cold gas to numb painful areas, and the insertion of an intrathecal pump, which delivers pain medication consistently to the area that needs it most through a catheter. Since there are so many routes of pain management available at our facility, you will need a thorough consultation in order to help choose the method that is best for you.

What does the consultation entail?

A consultation is necessary for your doctor to understand your pain and create a pain management plan that works continually, rather than just finding a quick and unreliable fix for the problem. You will need to tell your doctor about the type of pain you experience and whether it is dull, achy, throbbing, etc. Your doctor will ask you questions about when your pain began and if there are any activities that make it worse. All of this information, combined with a physical examination and information about your medical history, will help our pain management doctors in Orange County formulate a plan for pain relief.

Why should I choose Orange County Pain Clinics?

We realize that you have other options for pain relief. But you would be hard pressed to find a group of physicians with such a variety of specialties and experience anywhere else in Orange County. Our commitment is to treating the whole patient and not just the pain. That means that we don’t just want to find the option that relieves pain the fastest, only to have it return down the road. Our pain management doctors in Orange County work hard to make sure that you experience pain relief in such a way that you are able to return to work and return to activities that you love. We also want to make sure that you experience pain relief in such a way that it’s able to be managed for the rest of your life.

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