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Let Orange County Pain Clinics help relieve your chronic pain.

Do you suffer from back, neck, or hip pain? How about pain that radiates to your arms and legs, or pain that you feel all over your body as a result of fibromyalgia?

At Orange County Pain Clinics, our goal is to provide pain relief no matter where your pain originates or how long it has caused you trouble.


One of the ways that we offer pain management at our Orange County clinic is through various types of injections. Pain management injections typically include a type of anesthetic that begins working right away, along with an additional medication that begins working over the next few hours and continues to provide pain relief for an extended period of time. The quick provision of pain relief means that you can resume normal activities quickly. You might experience irritation at the site of your injection, but other injection side effects are minimized. In some situations, you might need to receive repeated injections.

Injections can provide pain relief in a variety of areas, including the head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, abdomen, and hips. Each injection works in a slightly different method, but overall, they generally work by blocking nerve signals that are sent to your brain in order to indicate pain. Your pain specialist in Orange County can help you determine if an injection will deliver pain relief.


If you are looking for pain management in Orange County, it will help to know that we can help to relieve pain centralized in your head, back, neck, arms, legs, hips, shoulders, and more. Sometimes pain in these areas is caused by a condition that’s easy to determine, like a herniated disc. You might even be experiencing pain after a sports injury or a serious spinal injury. In other cases, the diagnostic stage is a little trickier. You could be experiencing pain because you are suffering from fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, or complex regional pain syndrome. Even less common is pain related to phantom limbs or following a mastectomy. Regardless of where your pain is located or what is causing it, we will try to determine the source of your pain to treat the problem at its core. Rather than just cover up your pain, we want to help you by pinpointing its exact cause. We encourage you to schedule a visit with us no matter what type of pain you are experiencing, so we can determine if our microsurgeries, pain relief injections, or other treatments will work for you.



Invasive and complicated surgeries can sometimes leave behind more problems than you started with. The recovery times can be long after dealing with your muscle fibers being harshly cut, and big incisions take time to heal. Unfortunately, some surgical procedures are not even effective in treating pain – in fact, one of the conditions we treat is failed back surgery syndrome, which occurs when a back surgery leaves the patient with the same or worse pain as before.

Our surgical procedures are minimally invasive and qualify as microsurgeries. That means that we utilize small incisions, small tools, and special imaging to perform your procedure with as little disturbance as possible. We are also proponents of the METRx system for pain management in Orange County. This system involves tubes and dilators that allow us to gradually gain access to the area that requires surgery without drastic measures.


Another method of pain relief that we utilize is injections. Facet blocks, lumbar sympathetic blocks, epidurals (unlike the type given during childbirth and labor), nerve root blocks, trigger point injections, celiac plexus blocks, and more are all utilized at our center for pain management in Orange County. These injections contain an anesthetic and usually or two other types of medications, like corticosteroids. The anesthesia helps to provide almost immediate pain relief, while the other medications take over and provide pain relief gradually. Each injection has a different purpose, but many of them exist to block pain signals from being sent to your brain so that you simply cannot feel pain from that area until the injection wears off.

Other Treatments

Our treatment options do not always fall under microsurgery or injection categories. Depending on your condition and the severity of your pain, you might need an intrathecal pump, which delivers pain relief medication to the spot where it is needed most with the use of a catheter. We also perform cryoanalgesia procedures, which relies on cold gas to numb painful areas. In addition to pain relief treatments at our center for pain management in Orange County, we also have a variety of diagnostic methods to help determine exactly which nerves, discs or joints are contributing to your pain.

To get a better picture of the pain you are suffering from, we encourage you to visit our office for a consultation. After asking you questions about your pain and its severity and origin, we will be able to figure out a pain management plan that allows you to return to normal activities and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

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