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Dr. Andres Betts


Do you suffer from back, neck, or hip pain? How about pain that radiates to your arms and legs, or pain that you feel all over your body as a result of fibromyalgia? At Orange County Pain Clinics, our goal is to provide pain relief no matter where your pain originates or how long it has caused you trouble.

When you see a pain specialist in Orange County at our facility, you will find that we strive to treat the entire patient rather than just the source of the pain. Some pain relief techniques, like medications, cause unfavorable side effects. Others, like invasive surgical procedures that cut through muscle and tissue to reach the source of the pain, are costly and result in extensive recovery times – and worst of all, they might not even work when it’s all said and done. Instead, our techniques involve minimally invasive procedures that will improve your quality of life more quickly.


1One of the ways that we offer pain management at our Orange County clinic is through various types of injections. Pain management injections typically include a type of anesthetic that begins working right away, along with an additional medication that begins working over the next few hours and continues to provide pain relief for an extended period of time. The quick provision of pain relief means that you can resume normal activities quickly. You might experience irritation at the site of your injection, but other injection side effects are minimized. In some situations, you might need to receive repeated injections.

Injections can provide pain relief in a variety of areas, including the head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, abdomen, and hips. Each injection works in a slightly different method, but overall, they generally work by blocking nerve signals that are sent to your brain in order to indicate pain. Your pain specialist in Orange County can help you determine if an injection will deliver pain relief.


2At Orange County Pain Clinics, our microsurgeries are an option for patients who need a surgical fix for pain but want to avoid undergoing an invasive surgical procedure. Traditional surgeries to correct pain can result in long recovery times or even result in more pain than was there originally. Our Orange County pain specialists utilize several techniques that allow our procedures to be minimally invasive. One of these techniques is the use of the METRx system, which consists of tubes and dilators that allow our pain specialists in Orange County to gradually move aside your muscular tissue in order to reach the targeted area rather than using drastic cuts. Other microsurgical methods involve fiber optic camera usage.

Other Treatments

In some cases, neither injections nor microsurgical procedures are the best option for reducing your pain. Our pain specialists in Orange County might suggest that you go a different route, like cryoanalgesia, which uses cold gas to numb painful areas. Some patients also benefit from an intrathecal pump, which uses a catheter to deliver morphine or another pain relief medication right to the area that needs it.

Why should I choose Orange County Pain Clinics?

3At Orange County Pain Clinics, you will encounter a supportive staff that recognizes the frustrations of living with everyday pain. Our facility places a focus on treating the whole patient and not just the pain. That means that rather than look for a quick fix that will remove your pain rapidly, we look for a pain management plan that will achieve fast pain relief and also long-lasting pain relief. Too many patients undergo a medical treatment for pain, only to realize that the lengthy recovery time makes life more difficult, or that the side effects of the procedure are almost as bad as the original pain. It’s also common to have pain return without any plans in place to relieve it. You’ll find that your pain specialist in Orange County is willing to work on an approach that minimizes your recovery time and any side effects.

To find out which route you should take for your pain management, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Once your doctor talks with you about the type of pain that you experience, along with its origin and which actions make it worse, he will be able to suggest a pain relief method that will be best for you. Our specialists will take into account your pain and your medical history in order to determine a plan that not only minimizes your pain, but improves your overall quality of life.