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Relieve Chronic Pain with Orange County Pain Clinics.

Are you suffering from spinal pain? If you are, you might notice pain in your back – and it can also shoot up to your neck or down your arms and legs, depending on the cause.

This pain can be caused by an injury and go away on its own, or be the result of a chronic condition and stay with you for a lifetime. Let Orange County Pain Clinics help.


If you visit Orange County Pain Clinics, you will be able to meet with a spine pain doctor who is up to date on the latest pain management techniques. These techniques are minimally invasive and allow you to experience long term pain relief from procedures such as injections, like nerve blocks, and microsurgeries, like spinal fusion. At our pain management facility, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life without putting you through the side effects and risks of pharmaceuticals and invasive surgeries.

Causes of Spine Pain

Back pain can be temporary or chronic, and there are several different potential causes. Since there are so many muscles, bones, nerves, and joints in the back and surrounding the spine, pain in the area can be difficult to pinpoint. If your spine is curved or if you strained a muscle or experienced a car accident or sports injury, you might notice that you experience back pain. Spinal pain can also be caused by herniated discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sacroiliac joint pain, facet syndrome, and more.

Back pain can also take on many different forms – it might be shooting or aching pain, and can even shoot up and down your legs. It can be simply an annoyance or make it impossible to walk or move without pain. Your Orange County spine pain doctor can help you pinpoint the cause of your pain if you are not sure of its origin.



Some types of acute and chronic pain can be remedied with various pain relief injections. Injections are often used when pain relief needs to be quick – the local anesthetic used in the injection starts to reduce pain right away, while the rest of the injection takes over a few hours later to provide extended relief.

The injections offered at our facility cover a wide range of pain areas and conditions. Facet blocks use anti-inflammatory medication to block pain in the back’s facet joints, while nerve root blocks inject medication into the area around the spinal cord root in order to keep pain from continuing along the nerve pathway to the brain. Many of our injections work in the same fashion by blocking various pain signals. We also provide several other types of injections, including trigger point injections, which relax muscle knots. Your spine pain doctor will determine whether or not you could benefit from an injection in our office.


Your spine pain doctor might recommend a microsurgical procedure to relieve back pain. Extensive and invasive back surgeries can leave you with painful incisions and with a long recovery time that further delays when you can get back to work and other normal activities. Our microsurgeries are minimally invasive and result in less pain and recovery time than traditional surgeries. We utilize the METRx system for many of our procedures, which uses tubes and dilators to gradually separate muscle tissue rather than relying on a drastic and painful cut.

Other Treatments

Some other treatments that your spine pain doctor might suggest include spinal cord stimulation, which decreases pain signals sent in the brain with the use of implanted leads, and radiofrequency ablation, which heats nerve tissue in order to prevent it from sending pain signals. Some patients also benefit from an intrathecal pump, which delivers pain relief medication directly to the place where it is needed most via a catheter.

No matter which method of pain management you need, you can count on our physicians to help form a plan that works best for you. At Orange County Pain Clinics, our focus is on the whole patient rather than just the pain. That means that we don’t just want to find a quick fix for your situation. Instead, we want to help you experience pain relief that is long lasting and that doesn’t cause more difficulties for you in the form of surgical side effects or long recovery times.

To help determine the best pain management plan for you, contact our office for a consultation. Once your spine pain doctor learns about your medical history and the type of pain you experience, he will be able to tell you your best options.

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